Summer is the time when air conditioners are on day and night, which is why electricity bills are always higher in summer as compared to other months.

Running your air conditioner doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. It’s about making sure it’s running efficiently so that it’s not working overtime.

Here are some tips to help you curb your electricity bill this summer.

1. Always set the air conditioner temperature between 24 – 26 degrees. Setting an air conditioner just one degree warmer than you normally would can really cut cooling costs.

2. Add window coverings such as drapes or roller blinds to reduce heat exchange. Blinds with light-coloured backings deflect heat. Also, keep the windows at home open to allow cool breeze to flow through.

3. When buying a new air conditioner, consider the size of your room. A unit too small for the space will need to run constantly, causing extra wear and tear and one too big will run in short cycles and consume less energy.

4. Ensure that your air conditioner is in good shape by regularly cleaning the blowers and replacing the filter or coil whenever necessary. A dirty filter makes any air conditioning unit work harder, meaning more electricity and higher energy costs.

5. Schedule a yearly maintenance for your air conditioner to ensure your units are running at peak efficiency.

AC Maintenance

With Onsitego’s Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) plan for your air conditioner, you get up to two years of repair and maintenance support, including two preventive maintenance services a year, unlimited repairs (including the cost of labour, service, and transport), free gas charging (if required), and the cost of spare parts. If anything goes wrong, you can be assured of quality service.

6. Electronic devices, be it TV, washing machine, microwave, music player, air conditioner or even cell phone chargers draw power and give off heat even when turned off. So do not forget to unplug even after turning off your appliances.

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