Anker’s home-consumer electronics sub-brand Eufy has launched the Anker Robovac 35C robotic vacuum cleaner in India. The Robovac 35C vacuum cleaner can be purchased through Flipkart. Apart from the essential features that are found in most robotic vacuum cleaners, the Robovac 35C is equipped with a HEPA filter and a large 0.6L dustbin. This new offering by Eufy comes with the Boost IQ technology and has Wi-Fi connectivity. The vacuum cleaner can be operated with the help of the EufyHome app, which has multiple modes and an auto-clean scheduling option.

Eufy Robovac 35C Vaccum Cleaner Specifications, Features, Pricing

The Eufy Robovac 35C has an ultra-slim design and a three-point cleaning system which includes three brushes and strong suction power to get rid of dirt and dust. With the Boost IQ technology, the vacuum cleaner can suck the dust and dirt with 1500Pa of suction power. The vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter as part of its triple-filter system and the dust is collected in a 0.6L dustbin that can last up to 100 minutes of continuous cleaning.

Apart from these essential features, the vacuum cleaner has drop-sensing technology and dual-hall sensors. When the battery of the vacuum cleaner is low or when the vacuum cleaner has finished its cleaning task, it can automatically go back to its charging base and connect. The Eufy Robovac 35C features built-in Wi-Fi so that it can connect to the smartphone companion app.

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    The Robovac 35C has an anti-scratch coating that protects the vacuum cleaner from any wear and tear. The vacuum cleaner can be controlled by the EufyHome app that is available on Android and iOS. The app includes multiple cleaning modes and auto-clean scheduling capabilities. The vacuum cleaner even features Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility. The Robovac 32C is priced at ₹14,999 in India and it can be purchased through Flipkart.

    Eufy had launched the Robovac G30 Hybrid in India last month. The Robovac G30 Hybrid is available for ₹23,999 and it can be purchase through Amazon India’s website or app. Some other vacuum cleaners offered by Eufy include the Eufy Robovac G10, Eufy Robovac H11, and the Eufy Robovac S11 Go.

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