Vacuum cleaners do the job of keeping your flooring clean and your home dust free. Because they’re used so often in almost all homes, there are chances of your vacuum cleaner breaking down at some point. If that happens, you need to know what went wrong and how to fix.


So here’s a list of some common problems people experience with their vacuums and solutions to these problems…


It’s Not Working

If your vacuum cleaner is not starting at all, check if its properly plugged into the switch board to be sure that power is supplied to the vacuum cleaner. If it is properly plugged in, may be the electronic control board (PCB) of the appliance has burnt out. You will need to get the PCB replaced in this case. It’s also possible that the thermal fuse is no more functioning, which cuts the power supply to the motor or there are chances that the drive motor has malfunctioned.

This usually happens when the motor burns out after being overheated. You could try disconnecting the vaccum cleaner from the main board and turn on the motor shaft manually to check for any blockages. If the motor turns on but doesn’t work, you will need to get it replaced or take help from an expert.


It Has Lost Suction

If your vaccum cleaner is no longer doing its job of pulling in dirt, it’s due to lack of suction. Two main reasons for this could be – a clogged air filter which can be removed and cleaned at home or the exhaust filter which could be blocked or torn due to which the vaccum has lost suction. If you find them damaged, they will need to be replaced. Also check if the vacuum hose is blocked by detaching it from the vaccum cleaner and keeping it straight. Use your phone’s flashlight to check the pipe thoroughly.

If the light fails to fully pass through, it’s time to clean the pipe and get rid of the dirt residue stuck in the hose. To clean the house, you can place it under the tap and get rid of the dirt. If this doesn’t help, it’s an indication of a problem with the dust cup assembly. Check if its tightly fitted because for enough suction force to be generated, it’s necessary for the dust cup to fit tightly. If it fails to fit tightly or if you notice cracks on the dust cup assembly, the part need to be replaced.

Lastly, check the vacuum bag to ensure that it is not full. If it is, detach the bag from the cleaner and clean it. If you’re not sure how to detach it, you can refer to the cleaner’s instruction manual to clean the bag.


It Has A Broken Belt

A broken belt in the vaccum cannot be fixed, so if you find that its broken you can easily get it replaced with the help of an expert. It’s the belt that moves the roller brush, which is placed at the bottom of the cleaner. Getting the belt replaced will charge you anywhere between Rs 200 – 500, and to put it on only requires the use of a screwdriver to get the roller brush back into place. We would recommend taking help from an expert if you are not confident about doing it yourself. Also, avoid using the cleaner until the belt is changed or the motor may fail.

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It Has Turned Noisy

A common reason for this issue is when dirt enters the motor area and causes blockages. This can even result in a broken motor fan because of which the cleaner turns noisy. Broken fans cannot be repaired but only replaced. If you hear the noise from the vacuum cleaner brush, it’s an indication of a broken brush roller. In this case the complete brush roller assembly will have to be replaced.


Brush No More Spins

Lack of spinning is again related to the vacuum cleaner belts. If any of the belts are found broken or too stretched the cleaner brush will not be able to spin. Check the drive belt and the cogged belt to ensure that they’re in good working condition. If either of them is broken, you will need to get them replaced. It’s also possible that the brush roll is jammed. Pull out the brush roll from cleaner and clean it properly before placing it back again. If the brush roll assembly is broken or cracked, get it replaced.

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