Apple has released the 3.6 beta version of Apple Music for Android devices. The new beta version of the music streaming app brings with it a plethora of new features and it is arguably the biggest update to Apple Music for Android so far.

The most noteworthy feature that the new beta version of Apple Music brings is Lossless Audio. As the name suggests, Lossless Audio offers a much better audio quality compared to the standard AAC 256 Kbps format, as it features a high bit rate and a high sample rate. You can choose between two Lossless audio formats: 24-bit/48KHz and 24-bit/192KHz. Apple Music will show you a Hi-Res Lossless badge above the list of tracks in albums that are available in that format.

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    The second major feature that the beta version of Apple Music brings is Automatic Crossfade, which automatically sets the crossfade length depending on the song. The stable version of Apple Music has a crossfade option but you have to manually set the crossfade length and it applies to all songs. The new beta version also brings support for Dolby Atmos for a Spatial listening experience. Fortunately, none of these features require you to pay extra money.

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    Apple has also made some changes to the UI of Apple Music with the beta update to make it easier for people to search for songs. The Apple Music 3.6 beta for Android devices is available only to those people who opt for the beta program. You can sign up for the Apple Music beta program from Google Play Store. Unfortunately, the beta program is currently full. Once Apple tests the beta version, the company will roll out these features to the stable version of Apple Music.

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