The most common resolution most of us make at the beginning of every year is to start a healthy lifestyle, which of course not too many of us are successfully able to stick to. Why wait for the new year and spend heavily on expensive diets when you have some good apps to help you stay fit? Here are some apps you could choose from to stay in shape…


1. MyFitnessPal 

MyFitnessPal remains a hit with most fitness freaks even after 13 years of its launch. The app’s database contains more than a whopping 6 million food items. This means you can key in your calorie intake for almost any food that you eat, starting from idli’s to sandwiches or coffee-based drinks or even desserts. Not just this, its built-in recipe importer also lets you find and track recipes from the web. Not to forget, the app also integrates with Apple’s HealthKit and Google Fit.
Available For: iOS and Android

Lose It

2. Lose It

This one is quite user-friendly focused on calorie counting and yes, it’s free unless you’re interested in the premium version. Lose It has a team of experts that verify the nutrition information of the foods stored in their database. Based on your weight, age and health goals, the app generates your daily calorie needs and a personalized weight loss plan for you. In fact, if you’re on a serious weight loss regime, you can also keep track of your calorie intake by pulling out a daily and weekly report.
Available For: iOS and Android


3. Jefit

If you love spending hours at the gym, this workout app is for you. JeFit has hundreds of exercises that you can choose from to stay fit. It helps you create super-set workouts and logs your progress photos to keep you motivated and reach your fitness goals. If you’re the kinds who constantly needs motivation, you’d be happy to know that Jefit offers a fitness community where you can share routines and encourage each other.
Available For: iOS and Android


4. MyNetDiary

Like most apps, this one too tracks your calorie and nutrition intake as well as your exercise routine. The good thing about MyNetDiary is the charts and graphs that it provides to motivate you further and show how far you’ve come. It’s a user-friendly app and also lets you scan the bar code of packaged food to help you make healthy choices.
Available For: iOS and Android

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