Should You Buy an LG Warranty For Your New TV?

Buying a new TV takes a lot of research, reading and asking and browsing about the best brands and the latest technology via online and in offline stores. We do a lot of self-talk about our ‘needs’, take recommendations from family and friends, and fret about the ‘right TV’ that could be within our budget.

Your new TV may work perfectly well the first year but there’s always some level of risk involved with expensive electronics, especially when it’s not covered under the warranty period. You could end up paying nearly 50% of the cost of your TV on repairs, if a major issue crops up.

But if your TV has an extra year of coverage and if a hardware fault develops within the extended warranty period then you have the right to demand for a repair, replacement, or a refund.

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    Here’s a rundown on two popular plans: LG Warranty and Onsitego Extended Warranty and much more.

    Extended Warranty for TV

    LG Warranty

    LG offers extended warranty only on TVs and other large appliances across India. You can purchase this Television extended warranty from any LG store along with the TV or before the 1 year LG Warranty period expires.

    This Television extended warranty from LG does not cover any other parts other than panel/module such as: aesthetic/plastic parts, power supply, adapter, main cub, PCB, remote control, cabinets, stand, accessories such as cables (HDMI, AV, DVI, etc) and 3D glasses. The network (LAN, internet, cable signal) related issues in case of smart TVs are not covered in the plan.

    Image sticking/image retention in panel/module is also not covered under this TV extended warranty.

    Simply put, extended warranty covers all the defects that is covered under the 1 Year LG Warranty period and starts as soon as the LG Warranty period expires. The plan price varies depending on the TV size.

    For instance, the 1 Year LG Extended Warranty for a 32 inch TV costs Rs 2,800, while the 1 Year LG Extended Warranty for a 42 inch TV costs Rs 5,000. The LG 82 inch, which is the last LG variant, costs Rs 60,000 for the 1 Year LG Extended Warranty plan. Also, LG only offers the 1 Year Extended Warranty plans on TV.

    In case, your TV needs repair after a year of the LG Warranty expiry, you can contact the LG customer care and raise a service request. LG will send a professional technician home to repair your TV, anytime within 72 hours.

    This at-home service is inclusive of the plan price. All you need is the original LG invoice and duly filled extended warranty card for claiming the extended warranty.

    LG also gives you service assurance but in case, any part of the TV needs to be replaced and if it exceeds the plan price, you will be expected to spend from your pocket.

    Extended Warranty for TV
    Onsitego TV Extended Warranty

    Onsitego covers all the gadgets and appliances purchased in India. For TVs, Onsitego offers the 1 Year Extended Warranty plan, which covers all the defects and malfunctions that is covered under the 1 year LG warranty period.

    The best part about the Onsitego Extended Warranty is, it can be purchased for a maximum of 4 years, apart from the 1 year LG Warranty.

    The plan starts from as low as Rs 300, depending on the price of the TV and starts immediately after the 1 year LG Warranty expires.

    This Onsitego television extended warranty can be purchased online at the time of buying the TV or anytime within 11 months of buying the TV.

    There are also other benefits of buying the Onsitego Extended Warranty plan, like at-home service and cashless transactions. You just need to pay once at the time of buying the plan.

    If your TV needs repair during the extended warranty period, you can raise a service request and a professional technician from the LG service center will visit your home to repair the TV within 48 hours. Onsitego also gives you complete service assurance and guarantees timely repair.

    Although, LG and Onsitego are very similar in terms of the plan coverage but an advantage with the Onsitego plan is the plan price and the plan duration, which extends up to 4 years based on the brand warranty period of your TV.

    The 1 Year Onsitego Extended Warranty for a mid-range 32 inch TV  (between 18k – 26k) will cost you Rs 1,599 but the 1 Year LG Extended Warranty for a mid-range 32 inch TV costs Rs 2,800, as mentioned above.

    Remember, with Onsitego, you can protect your TV for a longer period at a better price.

    So if you want to save some bucks on getting your TV covered, Onsitego is your best bet!


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