There can’t be anything worse than losing all your important data on your phone and realizing that you can never get it back, right? This is why it’s important to take a back up of your data before it’s too late. A backup is nothing but an extra copy of your digital data, in case it’s lost or damaged. But with hundreds of backup apps available on the Google Play Store, how do you know which one to install? We’ve reviewed a few backup apps to make your life easy. Read on to find out…

Back it Up with GCloud Backup
GCloud Backup is a great app to keep a backup of all your data, including files, call logs, contacts, photos, videos and much more, all free of cost. Well, not too many apps allow video backup but this one does! Unfortunately, you cannot sync your apps and the app data to the cloud but it does transfer all the other data automatically when you log your account into a new handset. It’s a free app with 10 GB of cloud storage, it lets you access all your backed up content on the GCloud website as well as easily move/delete any data you want.
Available: Free for download on the Google Play Store.

extended warranty for your device

Free Up Your Phone With CM Backup

Clean Master is popularly known for its cleanup and speed boosting utility. CM Backup is another app introduced by the developer of Clean Master and is known for backing up your important data to the cloud so you can restore it. It’s quite similar to GCloud Backup and just depends on which one you’re comfortable using. It offers free 5 GB of cloud storage, making it easy for you to backup all your contacts, call logs, messages, photos, music, calendar data, etc. Once you take a backup, all your data is available in the cloud and can be restored on any device using this app. It’s pretty convenient too, as it lets you manage all your data on the PC using the CM Backup website.
Available: Free for download on the Google Play Store.

It’s Simply Superb!
This app is also known as the fastest data backup app and it’s actually quite superb when it comes to backing up all your data, not just because of its speed but also its simplicity. Another cool thing about this app is that it lets you schedule backups for specific data at various intervals, be it daily or monthly. It backs up just about everything including, photos, call logs, SMS, etc. You also have the option of sending the backup files to Gmail to keep it safe. And if you hate the advertisements in the free version, you could try installing the Super Backup Pro version for just Rs 70.
Available: Free/ Paid versions for download on the Google Play Store

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