Smartphones are fragile but not fragile enough that if you sit on them, they’ll break. Even if something happens to these metal and glass gadgets, it happens for a reason. Most of the time, our precious human errors lead to the damage of our gadgets. Here are 5 instances that lead to a phone being damaged, for which you need to get a mobile phone protection plan

extended warranty for your device

1. You threw it
Imagine you are watching The Nun and Valak pounces towards the screen with her bloody teeth and sharp nails. Do we have to say more? You are definitely going to throw the phone at her, thinking it will hurt her defiled body or at least her soul but instead, you end up hurting your poor little phone

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    The Nun

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    2. Your dog sunk his teeth in it

    While you love your phone, your dog loves it equally because he loves his human. But what happens when your dog is mad at you? You guessed it right, he sinks his teeth in your phone and now, there is a huge hole in it. He might even drop it in your coffee, just giving a heads-up!

    Drop your phone in coffee

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    3. You fell
    With so many open manholes and potholes across the city, it is extremely easy to fall into one, especially when you are walking while being glued to your phone. So, while you are free falling into the pit, at least save your bones if not your phone.

    Mobile Phone Insurance - Now fall free

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    4. It fell

    This one is a classic example! You went to do your morning business in the toilet and you took along your phone for the ride. Guess what? While taking off your pants, your phone fell in the best place possible – the pot.

    Mobile Insurance - phone fell in the toilet

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    Since we humans and our human tendencies can’t help making an error in our judgements, we can still be ready by taking precautions like purchasing a gadget insurance. That’s where we, Onsitego, come in the picture!

    If you are planning to buy a new phone, don’t forget to buy our Spills & Drops/Damage Protection plan along with it. It will not only save you from all the hassles of getting it repaired but also help you save some money on expensive repairs. Visit for more details about the plan.

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