Smart home products from Google Nest are quite popular across the globe. However, they do have one drawback which is that they are not compatible with Apple Homekit. It means that you need to have a Google device to control Google Nest smart home products. You cannot control them using iOS devices. Fortunately for us, there is the Starling Home Hub. It bridges the gap between Google Nest items and Apple Homekit. In simpler terms, it allows you to control Google Nest smart home products with your Apple devices using the Home app.

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The Starling Home Hub is now getting firmware 9.0, which allows you to stream music from your iOS devices to Google Nest smart speakers and Google Nest smart displays using AirPlay. This feature will offer a great deal of convenience to the users. Once you update the Starling Home Hub to the latest firmware, all you need to do to stream music from your iOS device to Google Nest speakers is go to the Apple Music app, play a song, and hit the AirPlay button. You will now be able to see an option to stream your music to Google Nest speakers and smart displays.

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The new feature of the Starling Home Hub will also show you metadata of the music on your Google Nest smart display. Plus, you can use this feature even with two smart speakers connected in a stereo setup. The Starling Home Hub costs $89 and is certainly one of the most useful products for people who have Google Nest and iOS products. There is also no additional subscription cost involved with the device. Unfortunately, the Starling Home is not available in the Indian market yet.

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