Flat screen TVs occupy less space but they also need extra care than the regular glass TV screens, which are hard to find these days. Just cleaning them with a clean cloth is not enough. Here are some tips to follow to keep your television screen looking new and clean.

turn off your TV first

1. Turn It Off
Always switch off your TV while you’re cleaning it, so that you can easily see the dirt or dust stuck to your TV screen or on the sides of the screen.

use a soft cloth to clean the TV

2. Use a Soft Clean Cloth
When we say soft cloth, we mean a microfiber cloth that are used to clean shades or eyeglasses. They’re good for LCD screens because they don’t leave lint. With the help of this cloth, wipe off any dirt or grime that’s visible to you. Do not put pressure on the screen, as its delicate.

Avoid using tissues or a dirty cloth

3. Never Use Tissues or an Untidy Cloth
Most of us have seen our family members use a tissue paper or a cloth used to dusting to clean the TV screen. Do not use them, as they are more abrasive than microfiber cloth and may leave scratches or more dust on your TV screen. Also, do not forget to wipe the TV frame with a microfiber cloth or duster.

use a homemade liquid solution

4. A Homemade Solution For Better Results
Cleaning the screen with some water may not solve your problem. Instead, you could make a solution at home using equal parts of vinegar and water. Vinegar is a natural detergent and much safer compared to other cleaners. Dab a microfiber cloth in the vinegar solution and wipe the screen. Avoid spraying vinegar solution directly onto the TV screen. It could end up damaging the screen. You also have the option of buying ready screen cleaning solutions, available at computer stores.

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