Buying a laptop is an expensive and long term investment, so spending a little more on an extended warranty plan to give your new laptop an extended life could be a great idea. Electronic devices, especially laptops usually come with 1 or 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty but it doesn’t cover every defect. This is why you must consider buying an extended warranty and protection plan, which starts immediately after the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty. If you’ve recently purchased a Dell laptop or plan to buy one soon, you might want to know about the right extended warranty plan. Read on to find out about the two extended warranty plans suitable for your laptop…

Dell Extended Warranty

The Dell Extended Warranty covers all hardware defects that arise after the warranty period. The Dell Extended Warranty plan can be purchased with the laptop or anytime within the manufacturer’s warranty, with the coverage being available for up to 3 years depending on the original warranty period. For instance, if the laptop has a 2 years manufacturer’s warranty period, you have the option of buying the 2 years extended warranty plan. The Dell Extended Warranty plan starts as soon as the warranty expires. Apart from the Dell Extended Warranty, it also offers an Accidental Damage plan that covers liquid spilled on or in unit, drop, falls, other collisions or damaged LCD due to a drop or fall.     

Onsitego Extended Warranty

The Onsitego Extended Warranty plan is an extension of the manufacturer’s warranty period by a maximum of 2 additional years for laptops. The plan can be purchased with the laptop or within the manufacturer’s warranty period and starts immediately after the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty. Onsitego has a Pan India service and also offers the Spills & Drops Protection Plan / Damage Protection Plan apart from the Onsitego Extended Warranty plan. The Onsitego Damage Protection plan covers any physical or liquid damage caused to the laptop. It also covers broken, cracked and shattered screens. The Onsitego Damage Protection plan is quite similar to the Dell Accidental Damage plan in terms of coverage.    

Laptop Repair    

Dell and Onsitego Plan Prices

The 1 year Dell Extended Warranty plan for mid-range laptops costs about Rs 6,000, while the 2 years Dell Extended Warranty plan costs Rs 8,000. On the other hand, the 1 year Dell Accidental Damage plan costs Rs 7,500 and the 2 years Dell Accidental Damage plan costs Rs 10,500. (Prices vary depending on the price of the laptop). The Dell plan prices listed above are valid only when purchased within 45 days of buying the laptop, after which you’re required to pay Rs 1,000 extra on all the plans. For instance, if you buy the 1 Year Dell Extended Warranty plan 45 days after buying the laptop, you will be required to pay Rs 7,000, instead of Rs 6,000.

The 1 year Onsitego Extended Warranty plan starts from as low as Rs 1,399, while the 2 years Onsitego Extended Warranty plan starts from Rs 1,999, depending on the price of the laptop. The 1 year Onsitego Damage Protection plan costs Rs 1,999. Click here for more details. Both the plans, Onsitego Extended Warranty and Dell Extended Warranty offer hassle free service but there’s a considerable difference in pricing, as mentioned above.

Does Dell Extended Warranty and Onsitego Extended Warranty offer free pick, repair and drop?

Dell Extended Warranty offers at-home service if your laptop needs repair during the Dell Extended Warranty period. All you need to do is raise a service request and Dell sends an executive home to repair the laptop. The at-home service is inclusive of the plan price. Onsitego, on the other hand picks the device, repairs (at the nearest brand authorized service center) and drops the laptop at your location. For instance, if you’re using the Dell Vostro Notebook and if it needs repair after a year when the manufacturer’s warranty expires, Onsitego will get it fixed at the nearest Dell service center. The good part about the Dell Extended Warranty and Onsitego Extended Warranty plan is that they’re completely cashless. You just need to pay once, at the time of buying the plan.

Apart from the free pick & drop service, in case Onsitego can’t reach a certain destination, you have another option:
Mail In Service: A courier executive will pick your laptop from your location and send it to Onsitego. Onsitego will then send it to the Dell service center, get your laptop repaired and courier it back to you within 14 working days.

Onsitego Extended Warranty Gives Complete Service Assurance

Dell assures its customers of a prompt service but does not give complete service assurance. Onsitego on the other hand not only gives service assurance but also a 14 day repair or replacement guarantee for all Dell laptops purchased in India. This simply means if your laptop cannot be repaired within the specified time period, you get the same device as a replacement or one with equivalent features.

We Highly Recommend The Onsitego Damage Protection Plan

Onsitego Damage Protection plan is useful and recommended for giving your new laptop a longer life. The plan is applicable for a maximum of 1 year and covers any damage caused to the laptop’s display, be it cracked or broken screen or even liquid damage. The plan has to be purchased within 7 days of buying the device.

To conclude, the Onsitego Extended Warranty Plan is more economical as compared to the Dell Extended Warranty plan. Also, Onsitego gives complete service assurance, unlike Dell and also offers free pick & drop and repair at the Dell authorized service center. All this at a minimal cost, is a pretty good deal.

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