An Extended Warranty plan sounds like a good thing to have when you buy a new appliance because they protect you against uncertainty and inconvenience. The plan is a must, especially for large appliances, as they’re more expensive. In fact, spending a little extra on an extended warranty plan can go a long way in protecting your appliance and minimizing the unplanned repair expenses after the manufacturer’s warranty ends. As far as air conditioners go, Whirlpool is one of the popular Indian brands known for its air conditioners. If you have been planning to buy one, we’d recommend Whirlpool but with a suitable extended warranty plan. Here’s a quick comparison we did between the Whirlpool and OnsiteGo Extended Warranty plans, to make your life simpler.

A Whirlpool Warranty Plan

For your air conditioner warranty, you could choose the Whirlpool 1 or 2 Year Extended Warranty plan that covers all the hardware defects that arise after the warranty period. The plan can either be purchased with the air conditioner or anytime before the Whirlpool warranty expires and is available for a maximum of 2 years on all appliances with up to 10 years of Whirlpool Warranty. For instance, if your air conditioner warranty is under the 5 years Whirlpool warranty period, you have the option of buying the 2 years extended warranty plan. The Whirlpool Extended Warranty plan starts as soon as the warranty expires. It gives you peace of mind from the hassles of unexpected repairs and covers everything that is covered in the 5 year warranty period, except for compressor and accessories like filters, remotes, etc. The 1 Year Whirlpool Extended Warranty for an air conditioner in the Rs 30,000 – 40, 000 range costs Rs 3,399, while the 2 Year Extended Warranty plan costs Rs 5,900. (Prices vary depending on the price of the air conditioner).

The Whirlpool Extended Warranty plan prices listed above are valid only when purchased within 9 months of buying the air conditioner. If you buy the plan after the manufacturer’s warranty expires, it will cost you more than the usual plan price. Also, Whirlpool offers an at-home service called the Home Care service. If your air conditioner needs repair during the Whirlpool Extended Warranty plan period, all you need to do is raise a service request by dialing 1800 208 1800 and Whirlpool will send a professional technician home from the Whirlpool service center to repair your air conditioner. This at-home service is inclusive of the plan price. In case, the air conditioner cannot be repaired at home, it will be taken to the Whirlpool service center. According to Whirlpool, they give their customer’s service assurance but in case the A.C can’t be repaired within 6 months, 70% of the plan price amount will be refunded. This means, there’s no guarantee that the air conditioner will be repaired and you will still end up losing 30% of the plan price. To buy the plan, you need to make a one-time payment online.


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OnsiteGo Extended Warranty Plan

The OnsiteGo Extended Warranty plan is similar to the Whirlpool Extended Warranty plan that covers all the defects and malfunctions, as mentioned in the manufacturer’s warranty. The good thing is, OnsiteGo offers the Extended Warranty plan for up to 4 years, depending on the manufacturer’s warranty. For instance, if your A.C is under 1 year of brand warranty, you can buy the OnsiteGo 3 Years Extended Warranty plan. The 1-year plan for the Rs 30,000 – 40,000 range costs Rs 2,199, while the 2 years plan costs Rs 3,299. Check out OnsiteGo for more information on the plan price.

The plan can be purchased with the A.C or within 11 months of buying the A.C. It starts immediately after the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty and is similar to the Whirlpool plan in terms of the quality of coverage. But there are many other advantages of buying the OnsiteGo Extended Warranty plan. Apart from the free at-home service, OnsiteGo also gives you complete service assurance and guaranteed use of genuine spare parts. It also offers you 1 free maintenance check a year as well as a repair or replacement guarantee. So if you’re A.C can’t be repaired, you get a replacement. Not to forget, the plan price is another advantage, as it’s more affordable as compared to the Whirlpool Extended Warranty.

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