Remote Troubleshooting SOS Services

We remain committed to being there for you during the lockdown. If you are facing issues with your device or appliance and need help, inform us and we’ll have a qualified engineer troubleshoot the issue for you remotely, without any charges.

How It Works

Devices Covered

Issues Covered:
  • Software issues
  • Device hanging & Low memory issues
  • Permission control issues
  • Settings related issues
Issues Covered:
  • Software issues
  • Software upgrade & installation issues
  • Virus & malware removal
  • Firewall & data security
Air Conditioner
Issues Covered:
  • Maintenance of AC
  • Settings related issues
  • Water leakage issues
  • Diagnosis of other issues
Water Purifier
Issues Covered:
  • Water leakage issues
  • Machine not switching on
  • Cleaning of pre-filter
  • Diagnosis of other issues

How Remote Troubleshooting Works:

The Onsitego Advantage

You have a device or appliance issue

You submit your request

Our support team contacts you within
24 hours to help you troubleshoot the issue

Living Up to the Promise: Customer Testimonials

Ishank Walia

Ishank WaliaI was facing some problem with my water purifier. I think it was time to change the filters. I informed Onsitego and I got a call from the Onsitego team immediately. The technician instructed me to change the filters on a video call. He was really patient and helped me resolve the problem. It was a good experience. Read More

Pravin Kanhekar

Pravin KanhekarThere was a water leakage from my water purifier. I thought I would have to wait till the lockdown is lifted to get the issue resolved but luckily I got support from Onsitego. The technician on the video call told me the valve may be loose. He told me how to remove the filter and tighten the valve. I did that and the problem was fixed. Thank you team. Read More

Mubarak Aslam

Mubarak AslamThere was a software problem I was facing with my device. My phone would freeze, switch on and off constantly and some buttons had stopped working. The technician told me to switch off the phone, let it cool down if overheated and switch it on again. If the problem continues, he recommended me to do a factory reset. I followed his instructions and the problem was resolved. Thank you for the quick resolution. Read More

Pramod Gupta

Pramod GuptaSuperb service! I never thought I could repair minor water purifier issues myself. There was leakage from my purifier and in just one video call your technician helped me solve the problem. The technician was really good, knowledgeable and cooperative. I am really impressed with your service. Read More

Arun Khetan

Arun KhetanI am very happy with your service. Your team got in touch with me and took the technician on a video call. He was professional and very patiently explained the problem and told me how to open the water purifier, clean it and fit the filter back again. He helped me gain confidence in doing it myself the next time I face this problem. I appreciate the free remote support provided by you. Read More

Onsitego Remote Troubleshooting Stories

Water Purifier and the High Tension

Watch how drama unfolds as Thomas’ Water Purifier is repaired remotely by our expert engineer over a video call.

The Mysterious Case of Phone Crash Policy

Witness our expert engineer beating Sherlock to solve the curious case of Aditi’s phone crash problem, via a video call.

The Air Conditioning Emergency

Temperatures were soaring until Mr. Rakesh was prescribed a simple solution for his AC problem by our expert engineer, over a video call.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Remote troubleshooting for Repairs?

If you are facing issues with your device or appliance and need help with repairs, you can put in a request for assistance and we’ll have a qualified engineer fix it for you remotely.

Is this service available for all devices and appliances?

Onsitego Remote troubleshooting for Repairs is currently available for smartphones, laptops, air conditioners and water purifiers across India.

How will you help me resolve the issue I face with my device?

All you need to do is click the ‘Get support now’ button and fill in the necessary details. Our engineer will contact you within 24 – 48 hours to help you resolve the issue remotely. He may also ask for inspecting the appliance over a video call, if required.

What are your charges?

The service can be availed by anyone free of cost across India.

What if your engineer is unable to help me on the phone?

We will try our best to resolve the issue remotely. However, if we’re unable to do so, we will send our engineer to your location as soon as we resume services post lockdown.

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